Born to Run book review: prepare to be inspired

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It’s been kinda cold and gross here in NZ lately…not that it’s an excuse not to get out the born to run book reviewdoor! What it has meant though, is that I’ve got more time to cozy up with a good book. I love reading books about running, whether its an autobiography of an athlete, or a novel with running involved somehow (yep I’m happy to admit it: I’m a bit of a running geek).

So I thought what better book to share with you than one I found particularly unputdownable: the inspiring Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall.

This is the book that everyone has been talking about , and is one of the big reasons for the spike in popularity of barefoot running. Born to Run has been popular for a couple of years now, so you may have come across it. If you haven’t yet, you’re in for a real treat.

One more reason to read this book now: they’re making a movie of it. Starring Matthew McConaughey.

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What’s it about?

The author, Christopher McDougall, famously set out to answer a question many runners will be familiar with: “why does my foot hurt?”.

Being a foreign correspondent with an interest in how far humans can push themselves, he didn’t just take himself off to the local doctor for an answer! He set off into Mexico’s Copper Canyons to see what he could learn from the Tarahumara tribe: the greatest distance runners in the world.

Have you heard the legends about our ancestors running all day to tire out and catch their prey? Think it’s impossible to run, and run, and run…all day? This is what the Tarahumara do. They run and run, all day, with no rest. And in sandals. They love every second of it, too.

Born to Run is dangerously hard to put down

It has a fantastic cast of characters, from various ultra runners, the Tarahumara people, and a mysterious guy called El Caballo Blanco (aka the white horse). You’ll be taken from high tech science labs to remote mountain villages, and back again. You’ll experience some of the greatest races ever run on this planet.

Born to run has it all: the great characters, the interesting story, and it will make you want to just run, and run, and run.

If you’re in a slump with your training and you need a motivator, Born to Run will rekindle your love of running.

Did Chris ever find out why his foot hurt? (not a spoiler)

The Tarahumara run very lightly on their feet, no heel pounding for them. I don’t know about you, but I really slam my heels into the ground at times, particularly when I’m tired and start plodding. Their running style sparked the bare foot running revolution.

I feel inspired all over again, he’s clearly very passionate about his running.

What others think

I clearly love this book, so I read some other reviews just to make sure I wasn’t giving you a totally biased view of it. (I know this is my website, and I can have whatever opinion of a book I want, but I want to give you guys balance.)

93% of readers rate this book at least 4 out of 5 stars. That’s a pretty overwhelming vote for you needing to read this book. Many of the reviews that gave one star or less found the story to be overblown, so be prepared to forgive Chris a little poetic license to enjoy the book.

Have you read Born to Run? Did you love it? Not? Or have a book you think is better? Please share your comments below.

Want more? Read an exclusive interview with Chris here.


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