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halfHello, nice to meet you.

I’m Emily, the half marathon girl.

Running is one of my favorite ways to exercise, but I don’t always find it easy.

That’s why I love the challenge of a half marathon: signing up for one makes me train and  I love the satisfaction of completing them.

I’m not the fastest runner in the world, in fact my speeds are pretty average. My fastest time to date is 1:46 (and gee was I stoked with that) and my slowest is 2:02 (it was a really hot day). I hope this site will be useful to you whether you’re a total beginner, a total pro, or somewhere in the middle like me.

Why create this site?

I’m always looking for a great training program, a fun race to enter, or some cool gear for girls. Often I have to hunt around loads of different sites to find what I need, which is really time consuming (and pretty darn annoying).

Emily the half marathon girl

Loving (almost) every second!

This site is your one stop shop for everything to do with women’s running. For you, that means less time sitting on the internet, more time outside, wohoo!

I’m a dietitian in my day job, so I’ll also be sharing my top nutrition tips for running. Make sure you visit our sister site, Weight Loss Begins Now, if you’re looking to lose weight (which running is great for, by the way)

I’m planning to run a half marathon in September so will share the ups and downs of my own training with you, along with some great scenic photos from my longer runs (I live in New Zealand, doesn’t get prettier).

If you have any questions about your running or anything you’d like added to the site, please drop me a line: I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the site,


Creator of Half Marathon Girl

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