Should you run with a cold?

should i run with a cold

Sniffle, sniffle…. Uh oh. Your head is feeling fuzzy, your eyes are itchy, your throat is scratchy. You’re coming down with a cold! Disaster, you have your running schedule all mapped out……. what’s a girl to do? I had this very dilemma last week. I had a humdinger of a cold: pounding head, runny nose, it was just no fun

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Motivational quotes for running

motivational quotes for running

Sometimes no matter how much we love running, we just can’t drag ourselves out that door. This can be an indication that you need a rest day, or maybe you just need some motivation to get you going again. If it’s the latter, you’ll want to keep reading. Sometimes a beautifully phrased quote can sum up exactly what we’re feeling,

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How to choose a running shoe

how to choose a running shoe

Are you wearing the right running shoe? How can you tell? What are the best running shoes for women, anyway? Having the right shoe is pretty darn important to a runner: when you run, your foot hits the ground with a force that’s around 2-3 times your body weight. If you have the wrong shoe, you could be setting yourself

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Women only running events

women only running events

Hey there, Today we’re going to talk about women only running events: that’s right, no men allowed! I bet you’ve come across quite a few in your local area: maybe a charity 5K for breast cancer? Or maybe even a women’s only marathon? There are plenty of these races out there, and they are very popular.   Why? There are

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Running guide for beginners

running guide for beginners

Hey there,   I want to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start….), and talk about running for absolute beginners.   If you’re an experienced runner, you might well remember back to those first runs you did, how much you enjoyed them, and how free you felt knowing what your body could do.   If you’re

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