The Prettiest Women Runners’ Jewelry

Hello there fellow running ladies,

running charm bracelet

Ooh, pretty charm bracelet

It’s my wedding anniversary coming up next weekend, and my mind has turned to gift shopping for my beloved (and also instructing him on what to buy me…. he needs lots of direction).

Naturally, I’d like a new piece of jewelry, but what to get? Something beautiful. Something that means something to me. Something that won’t cost the earth!

After a bit of thinking, it came to me. Why not get a beautiful piece of jewelry that is related to running? It sure would be nice to wear something other than my chunky sports watch to accessorize my run, so I’ve done a round-up of the best women runners’ jewelry so you can get your very own piece too.


You’re gonna want something practical AND pretty

The last thing you want is your jewelry getting in your way and annoying you while you run. I find any extra stuff super annoying when I’m running, even my hair getting in my face makes me crazy!

This is why I think some of the most practical items that won’t get in your way are pendants, charms you can add to anything if a bracelet will drive you nuts (although I could handle the one in the picture above) and, wait for it…… SHOE CHARMS! We’ll start with that, because it’s super cute and I love the idea.

Shoe charm

women runners jewelry shoe charm

Click to get the best price

This awesomely cute charm features a pink running girl, and slots neatly onto your laces. You won’t even know it’s there.


  • lightweight at only 7 grams
  • small at only 20 x 17 mm
  • made of stainless steel you can splash through the puddles with her

There are other designs available too.


Pendant necklaces

Now because these are my personal favorites, I’m gonna show you three. I’ve picked a variety of designs, I just can’t choose one I like most. Perhaps you can leave me a comment and tell me which one to buy :).

  • Pendant one features a pretty running girl, is made of stirling silver and you can choose what length chain you’d like.
  • Pendant two features an inspirational quote, and is also made of stirling silver. Note the bead chain on this one.
  • Pendant three is probably my fav at the moment, after all, it’s all about the half marathon! It’s made of stirling silver and enamel, and like necklace one you can choose your chain length.
Click on any of the pendants to get your very own.

Charms for charm bracelets

I’ve got two pretty charms for you, both winged shoes! If the idea of a bracelet puts you off, why not try adding to your shoe laces, like the shoe charm, or even stitching to your top for some race day good luck?

women runners jewelry winged shoe

women runners jewelry gold shoe pendant





Which do you prefer? I quite like gold…




Last, but not least

And perfect for you if you REALLY can’t stand any jiggling jewelry: stud earrings! These running horses won’t get in your way and will inspire you to go faster. I never take my diamond studs out, but if I did I’d be changing them out for these ones for a bit of extra speediness for my next half. But would I wear them running towards each other, or away?

women runners jewelry horse studs

If I haven’t shown you a piece you love, don’t despair, click here for a massive range. 


Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry to wear on your runs? Perhaps a lucky charm you tuck in your pocket. I’d love to hear about it, so drop me a comment below.


Your running buddy,







image 1 by Chris Hunkeler, CC 2.0,


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