My favorite time to run (and it’s not when you think)

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Hey there.

Do you have a favorite run in your week? Perhaps it’s a longer run on a Sunday morning. favorite time torunMaybe a blast around the park on Tuesday lunch time? Or a Wednesday evening group run with your favorite girls?

I’ve recently discovered a time out of my own week when I never used to run, but has now become a firm favorite. Let me share it with you.

That Friday feeling

Here it is, my new favorite time to run is:


Yes, that’s right. Friday evening! When I was younger, Friday after work meant party time. Now I’m in my 30’s, it usually means a glass of wine either with a friend or my husband.

Friday has always been one of my days off from running, it had never crossed my mind to run at that time ever!

But one week, a month or so ago, I’d been particularly slack with my running during the week. In fact I think I hadn’t been out at all. My husband said to me that Friday, “well, we haven’t done any running this week, why don’t we just go now?”

I have to admit, I wasn’t keen. But I also knew I was feeling a bit sluggish from a lazy week and knew I would feel good for it, so I broke my little “Friday is off day” rule and went for a run with him.

And loved every minute.

This was a real revelation to me. Turns out running on Friday evening is a great way to kick start the weekend, and we’ve been going out for a run every Friday ever since 🙂

Awesome benefits of running on Friday evening

It can set the tone for the weekend ahead:

A short run (30 minutes) on Friday evening energizes me and improves my mood. I go into the weekend feeling productive and positive.

favorite time to run

Ready for my Friday run 🙂

Leave the work week behind:

I always feel like a good run is as beneficial to my head as it is to my body. A Friday evening run will help you process everything that’s happened during the working week, leaving your mind clear and distraction free for the weekend.

You’ll enjoy that wine even more:

I still have my wine on a Friday night. But I enjoy it all the more for knowing I’ve been for a run first.

Just one note of caution

Make sure you keep yourself safe out there. Read my post on women’s running safety and don’t take any risks. There may well be more people out and about on a Friday evening, but they might also be more likely to be drinking and acting up, so be careful. I always make sure I take my husband and wear my favorite reflective top (see the picture, cool huh?)


So before you reach for the wine next Friday night, or before you head out for dinner with your buddies, try going for a short run. Go on, trust me. You’re gonna love it! Come back and tell me how you got on in the comments below.


Your running buddy,


half marathon girl





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