Are you thinking about running the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon?

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Hey there,

I want to share a really fun race with you, the Disney Princess Half Marathon!2016 disney princess half marathon

Which girl doesn’t have childhood memories of dressing up as their favorite Disney princess, watching the movies, or reading the books? My favorite was definitely Ariel, I had a bit of an obsession with mermaids there for a bit.

I’ve been to Disneyland in Tokyo, and had an amazing day out. It was everything I had hoped for and expected (even if all the characters were speaking Japanese!).

I think it would be amazing to combine a trip to Disney World with running….doesn’t that just sound like a dream come true?!

Registrations for the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon open next week (July 14); I wanted to share this with you NOW so you don’t miss out.

Tell me more about it

The female focused event is held at the Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. The 2016 event is scheduled for the weekend of Feb 19-21, 2016. Around 50,000 people take part: that’s a lot of princess fans!

There are lots of different running events to enter, not just a half marathon. There’s something for all ages and all abilities:

  • The Disney Princess 5k
  • Races for your kids
  • Disney Enchanted 10k
  • And of course, the title event, the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

There is also a Health and Fitness Expo, which runs for 3 days, and an after party, with the cute name of “Happily Ever Afterparty”.

All the other practical info, like entry costs, travel, pacing, etc can be found at the rundisney website.

There are free training programs available there too. They’re quite long though, 22 weeks. This means you haven’t got any excuses to not be prepared and have the time of your life!


Just imagine… running through Disneyland!

Even though I’m 33 now, the idea of Disneyland just sends a wee flutter of butterflies and happiness through me.

2016 disney princess half marathon

Aahhh…. my inner child is very jealous!

I just can’t even imagine how excited I would be to run through Disneyland, with all your favorite childhood characters cheering you on! I know it might sound kinda cheesy (and I usually hate cheesy), but I just think this sounds like so. much. FUN!

Although… I’d also imagine it would be quite distracting: I’d be wanting to veer off the course to go explore. Like a kid in a candy shop. I suppose it would be the most fun course rekkie ever though, wouldn’t it, cruising around Disneyland, checking out the course, going on the rides…..

Ah. This is all only a dream for me at the moment! New Zealand is a long way from Florida, I don’t see myself being able to register for 2016. However, if you’re lucky enough to be able to, or if you’ve done it in the past, I’d LOVE to hear what you thought of it.

Was it magical?

What costume did you wear?

Did you meet the princesses?

This race is definitely going on the bucket list.


Your running buddy (and excited little girl on the inside),




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