Brooks running shoes for women: are they your best fit?

We’re going to be covering a lot of different brands here in our shoe section (shoes… so many shoes!). We’re going to kick things off with a look at Brooks running shoes for women.

brooks running shoes for women

Adrenaline ASR 11 GTX trail shoe

Brooks is a company that is really passionate about their running shoes. They are a company that is all about running. That is pretty much all they do!


What have they got?

Brooks has an awesome website. Their running shoe advisor will help you pick the right shoes for you based on factors like

– your weight

– your foot width and how much your ankles roll

– distances you like to run


They have a big range of running shoes for all needs:


  • Neutral (general running shoes, designed for a smooth ride. My road runners are neutral)
  • Guidance (general running shoes, designed for those who tend to strike the road with their forefoot)
  • Support (general running shoes, designed for those who tend to strike the road with their heel and have moderate ankle roll)
  • Motion control (general running shoes, also for heel strikers, but with severe ankle roll)
  • Lightweight (general running shoes, less depth in the sole)
  • Trail
  • Track


And there are still more, including shoes for girls, and a heritage collection. Basically, Brooks have all your bases covered. Most of their shoes are in the USD $100-150 range, and they come in a nice variety of colors.


Another thing I really like about Brooks is that each shoe is available in up to four different colors. I think that is awesome! I don’t know about you, but I feel sooo disappointed when I find a great shoe, but it’s a horrible color. Or the shoe gets its yearly update, and suddenly it looks like rainbow vomit. I know it doesn’t affect how the shoe works, but still… even running shoes should be a little bit pretty.


brooks running shoes for women

Top selling neutral shoe: Glycerin 13

What do women think of Brooks shoes?

I’ve done some research on reviews of Brooks shoes, so you don’t have to. I’ve taken some common comments that I came across for all Brooks shoes.


One comment I came across that is neither a pro nor a con, but definitely a FYI if you’re thinking about buying a pair of Brooks online: they tend to run smaller than other shoes, so you might need to get 1/2 size smaller than you were expecting.


I found that women had a lot more good things to say about Brooks than they did negative. You’ll see this for yourself if you head over to Amazon: more than 70% of the comments for Brooks products are positive.


Positive comments

“the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn”

“I’d definitely recommend them to a friend”

“feet feel very supported”

“feel like I’m running on air”

“good for running and walking


The flip side

“cushioning changes with updated models didn’t suit my feet”

“weren’t wide enough”


brooks running shoes for women

Ravenna 6 guidance shoe

To be honest, most of the negative comments seemed to be related to people purchasing from a third party retailer such as Amazon, and finding they were the wrong fit. Many felt they would have been better off if they had bought the shoes direct from Brooks.


Now I want some!


I haven’t tried any Brooks shoes myself yet, but after doing this research, I think I’m gonna have to get a pair and test them out! I’ll make sure to buy them direct from Brooks though, and use their running shoe advisor to help me choose the best.

Any excuse for new shoes, right?!


Your running buddy,







  • hi Emily
    Emily here. Quick question: are women’s running shoes very different than men’s running shoes? In terms of options or necessities? Brooks certainly seem to have lots of options for different needs that is for sure. I agree with you, as much as comfort is key, color is also important! They have to look good 🙂 So it is awesome that Brooks offers a variety of colors!

    • Em likes running

      Hi Emily 🙂 Yes Brooks certainly tick the box for cool colors!

      Thanks for your question. yeah, there are some key differences in a women’s shoe:
      – they tend to be lighter than a man’s shoe (cos women tend to be smaller)
      – different construction around the toe box (not very glamorous, but apparently us ladies are more prone to bunions, and our wearing of heels doesn’t help)
      – different stability zones cos we’re more likely to pronate (foot rolls in) because of our wider hips.

      Have a great day!

  • My girlfriend has a pair that even look exactly like these and she just loves them. We recently bought MBT’s… well what we thought were MBT’s…. on line and they turned out to be fakey plastic for over $100 and shipped from some Godforsaken country and took forever. Apparently MBT’s not even in business anymore. I used to swear by their shoes but now can’t even get my hands on them, so I’m thinking these will be the replacement.

    • Em likes running

      Gosh that sucks Alexx! I’ve been burnt buying things online from dodgy sites too, horrible!

      I’m glad your girlfriend now has some shoes she loves, I’m pretty she’d love these Brooks shoes too.

  • Hi Em,
    I’m usually a big fan of Under Armour shoes, but I have had a problem lately at the local Hibbett, they only carry 2 lines and neither fit right. These look like a great new replacement for me, if I decide to buy I’ll definitely make sure I get from the Brooks site itself as I wear a pretty big size for a woman, and I’d want to make sure they will fit right if I’m ordering online.
    Thanks for the great article!

    • Em likes running

      You’re welcome Sheena, happy to help.
      It’s a shame your local store doesn’t carry the shoes you’re looking for though, having the right shoes is one of the most important things to any runner!

  • Hi Emily, I have been running since the 60’s…now passionate with triathlon. With all those miles over the decades, I have many issues….my most recent problems related to wearing shoes with narrow toe box and pushing off too much with my running stride, causing misalignment of toes, metatarsal pain, and posterior tibial tendonitis. My remedy has been the Altra shoe with a wide toe box along with a device called Correct Toes. Correct Toes is a device that slips over the toes, so need a wide toe box to accommodate….My favorite Altra shoe is the Paradigm, which also has max cushioning (like the Hoka)….which I also need with my arthritic knees…Nice site, good luck with your running. Here is my site if you’d like to take a look…in the early stages:

    • Em likes running

      Thanks for your comment Bruce, I’m glad you’ve found a product that will help you with your running, I’ll make sure to check it out.
      I popped over to your triathlon site and had a look, its great! I’ll make sure to send any of my ladies looking to take up triathlons over there 🙂

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