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Should you run with a cold?

should i run with a cold

Sniffle, sniffle…. Uh oh. Your head is feeling fuzzy, your eyes are itchy, your throat is scratchy. You’re coming down with a cold! Disaster, you have your running schedule all mapped out……. what’s a girl to do? I had this very dilemma last week. I had a humdinger of a cold: pounding head, runny nose, it was just no fun

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Motivational quotes for running

motivational quotes for running

Sometimes no matter how much we love running, we just can’t drag ourselves out that door. This can be an indication that you need a rest day, or maybe you just need some motivation to get you going again. If it’s the latter, you’ll want to keep reading. Sometimes a beautifully phrased quote can sum up exactly what we’re feeling,

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