Half Marathon Girl

World record marathon training for women

Training for a half marathon

Training for a half-marathon could be daunting as well as exhilarating.

With some level of commitment and discipline, you could be able to set yourself up for success.

Learn about how women train for a half marathon, what the average time is for a woman, what you need to do to train and how many days a week you should train for a half marathon.

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Running a half marathon

Half marathon runners often have different motivations, some of which could include raising awareness, fundraising and most importantly health promotions. 

Learn about how long it takes to run a half marathon as beginner, the running shoes and gear, half marathon tips on race day and what a respectable half marathon time is.

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Setting a half marathon record

Start with the end in mind. The key to a successful half marathon is consistently putting in enough weekly mileage to get your body accustomed to running for a long period of time.

Learn about the record time for a half marathon, setting the pace for your first run and what a good half marathon time is for your age.

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Running Distance


26.2 miles


13.1 miles


3.1 miles

10 Tips For Running Your Best Half Marathon

  • Set a goal and run for a reason
  • Commit to training for atleast 13 weeks
  • Do glute activation exercises to support your lower back
  • Recruit a running partner or trainer
  • Run on different surfaces
  • Practice at race pace
  • Look after your body
  • Be prepared
  • Sleep easy
  • Stretch before and after your run



Half marathon training

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